Opening Hours - 10 AM to 7 PM

Shreya J's Facial service

The facial specialist also is known as the skincare specialist which may able to cleanses as well as beautifies the expression and body to improve a person’s look. They typically work in the salons, health as well as the beauty spas, or medicinal offices. Many works in the evenings and also on the weekends, especially freelance workers in using their own personal salon.

Here you may able to give facials, full-body treatment, as well as skull and neck massage to recover the health as well as the appearance of your beautiful skin. Some may offer other skincare treatment, such as the peels, masks, or scrub, to eliminate dead as well as the dry skin. In addition to effective with the clients, skincare specialist also keeps proceedings of the skincare regimen that their usual clients use. The growing number of the specialist actively sells skincare yield, such as cleansers, lotion, as well as the creams.

1Top-Up Masks
Instant Moisture Mask 500
Charcoal Mask 600
Rejuvenating Mask 700
Anti Ageing Mask 700
Gold Collagen Mask 800
2Organic Facials
Fresh & Natural products, straight from the nature used for facial
Fruit Facial 1500
Dark Chocolate Facial 1500
Green Tea Facial 1500
Cucumber Facial 1500
Wine Facial 1500
Basic Herbal 900
Good Bye Tan 1000
Fruit 1000
Chocolate 1200
Sensicalm 1200
Insta Hydrating 1500
Argan Oil 1800
Age Defying 2000
03 Whitening 2300
Casmara 3500