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1Personal Makeup Course Benefits

Personal grooming plays a pivotal role in our professional life . Just as talent , skill , hard work and dedication help us similarly personal makeup and grooming help us get going in our professional life . Personal grooming help to present you in the best possible manner . A good makeup highlights your facial features and attaches value to your words.

Course Duration : 7 days

Day 1 : Product knowledge ; right cosmetics for your skin

Day 2 : Colour correction + Foundation application + concealer techniques

Day 3 : Contouring + Highlighting+ Blush + lipstick application

Day 4 : Office wear everyday nude makeup look

Day 5 : Day makeup look

Day 6 : Evening party makeup look

Day 7 : Practical Day

2Personal Hair styling Course Benefits

Hair has always had a powerful impact on peoples personality and overall appearance especially in women . So, Hairstyling has become a popular career choice . You’ll know how to curl , make braids and style your hair all by yourself

Duration : 7 Days

Day 1 : Introduction to hairstyling tools and products + volumized puff + volumized ponytail

Day 2 : Adding volume in crown area + self blow dry + ironing + curls

Day 3 : Hot roller and velcro roller application

Day 4 : Different types of braids with different braided hairstyles

Day 5 : Simple round donut bun + French knot

Day 6 : Different types of low and side messy hair

Day 7 : Practical Day

3Personal Draping ( PD)

Are you always wondering how to carry your dupattas; or how you’ll ever figure out to wear a saree .Now you can drape all garments yourself . We teach you how to carry a shawl , poncho , dhoti , lehenga and many more types of clothing . You would be confident and making a style statement every time , with how you carry yourself.

Personal Draping Classes would brief with the following points -

Knowing basic fabric - Chiffon , Crepe , Georgette Silk and Brocade

Tying your Saree - Seedha and Ultaa palla.

Draping a Shawl with a Saree.

Setting of Dupatta on different types of suits - Patiala , Churidar and Anarkali

Draping of Dupatta on Lehenga in different styles.

Draping of Dupatta on Ghagra

4Advance Makeup ( AMU)

Make your dreams your profession. Learn everything about products and tools and get trained with Shreya J herself . You will also have a session with a dermatologist who will give you detailed information on skin and its types. Not just that even a Fashion designer will be attending and delivering her point of view , required to be a professional. You will also get to learn the how - bouts of opening up your own studio.

Be experimental and innovative in nature . Work , explore , learn , practice and become a visionary . Growing up from basics to very artistic looks , that can be exotic and high-end fashion make-up styles. You’ll gain it all here!!

Course Duration : 3 Months

Advanced Makeup Classes would brief with the following points -

What is Professional Makeup Artist , including grooming and other equipments be a Professional Makeup Artist

Setting up a professional Makeup Studio

Types of Makeup offered in the market

Client consultation and problem solving

History of Makeup

Skincare session with the dermatologist

How to build a professional Makeup-kit ,knowledge of Mac Products available Primers , foundations , lipsticks , blushers and other cosmetics - All about how to choose and use them for different skin types Contouring , Highlighting and Strobing Techiques

Different types of Eye Makeups - Simple , Smoke Bridal , Glitter eyes , Pakistani , Arabic and Cut Crease False Eyelash usage and Application Red Carpet looks .

Creating a BRIDE , different bridal makeup with demos.

How to choose the best hairstyle suited for the look being given.

Session with a Fashion Disigner , how to correct outfit for your clients skin color and according to the occasion.

Cleaning and Maintenance of brushes and products.

5A professional hairstylist

A professional hairstylist is a personal whose occupation is to style hair , in order to change or maintain a persons’ image . This is achieved using a combination of techniques.

Here we will train you and teach about equipment and their use . You will learn and practice many diffirent hairstyles that you’ll be able to apply professionally for various occasions

Course Duration : 3 Months

Advanced Hairstyle Classes would brief with the following points-

Knowledge of which hairstyle will suit which face type Making a puff to suit face shape.

Different types of curls ( hot curls , hot rolers, magic curls tongs) Professional hair straightening.

Six types of Braids.

Four messy hairstyles.

Five fasion hairstyles

Tools and products required and how to use them

6 Matured Makeup (MSMU)

We start by making you understand different skin types and what’s a basic skin care routine.You’ll also learn about natural remedies of common skin problems

Makeup for matured skin will be taught in detail. Cleaning techniques and product information will all be provided. Bring your inner youth out with us.

Course Duration : 3 Days

Matured Skin Makeup Classes would brief with the following points-

Understanding the skin type

Basic skin care routine

Products available in the market

Natural Remedies to common skin problems

What all to have in your Makeup-kit

Simple eye makeup which looks good with spectacles

Application of eyeliner , mascara and kajal

How to put on a Natural Base

Covering Dark circles and Pigmentation

Basic Contouring

Blusher and Lipstick Application

Which hairstyles to suit your face

Setting your makeup

Cleaning and Care of Products and Brushes.

7Airbrush Makeup ( ABMU)

Airbrush make- up is a make-up sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush technique , instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers or other methods

An airbrush is characterized by 3 major parts.A powered compressor is used to create an even skin and controllable airflow through a medical grade hose. Here we will teach you how to set airbrush makeup , types of systems available and even maintenance of your kit. This will take you a step higher as a professional make-up artist.

Course Duration : 6 Days

Airbrush Makeup Classes would brief with the following points-

Understanding the technique

Difference between Airbrush and regular makeup

Types of Airbrush systems available

Doing makeup with Airbrush


Blusher and Cntouring

Basic Eye makeup

Lipstick and Highlighters

How to set Airbrush Makeup

Cleaning and maintenance of kit

8Advanced Draping ( AD)

Here we will inform you about different fabrics and their falls.

We will teach you how to drape and carry saree in different styles ; how to carry dupatta , lehenga , dhoti etc . you’ll even learn about Maharashtrian dressing Punjabi dressing .

South Indian draping and lots more . Draping is a huge part of being a complete professional.

Course Duration : 6 Days

Advanced Draping Classes would brief with the following points-

Understanding different fabrics and their fall.

Which fabric to suit on which body type

Simple Lehenga and Gharara Dupatta setting

Advanced Bridal Lehenga and Gharara Dupatta setting

Setting of two Dupattas

Saree Draping using different fabrics

Simple Ulta palla

Simple Seedha palla

Saree with Dupatta

Bengali Style

Maharashtrian Style

South Indian Style

Old Fashioned Mumtaz Style

Using Fancy Pins and Waist Chains.

9Shreya Master Class For Professionals

Course Duration : 7 Days

. How to Increase Your Business Through Soucial Media and Print Marketing . Improve your Makeup Skills by Getting Hands - On Practice Using International Brands for Makeup.

How To Grow ,Your Client Base and Get Repeat Clients.

Learn How to Hire and Retain Efficient Staff and How to Train Them in Each Department for Maximum Profits

Consulting Brides /Clients and the Correct Counseling for Skincare and Makeup

FAQ’s and Commom Problems Faced by Makeup Artists Today

Demo of 1 Bridal Makeup by Shreya J With Detailed Explanation on How to Drape , Fix the Jewellery

10Advanced Nail Art

A successful nail technician has a eye for detail and a certain talent for recognizing what is needed for excellent nail care.It means creativity to perfection.A nail technician is a beauty specialist who is responsible for grooming and appearance of a clients fingernails and toe nails.Here you will learn about common nail problems/diseases and contra-indications for a nail art.We will be teaching you hygiene and maintenance of your nails,cleaning products and effects for harsh temperatures on nails.You will learn about the atmosphere at a nail salon or a professional salon.Your dress code and your personality also makes a difference. Come and join us to make it your career.

Course Duration:15 Days

11Complete Makeup Artist Course

Advance Makeup AMU - 45,000

Advance Hair Styling AHS -24,000

Airbrush Makeup ABMU - 15,000

Advanced Draping AD - 6,000

Matured Makeup - 6,000

Exciting Offer - 90,000


Course Duration: 3 Months





















13Diploma Course

Course Duration: 6 month

Advance Makeup (AMU) - 45,000

Air Brush Makeup (ABMU)- 15,000

Advance Hair Styling (AHS)- 24,000

Advance Draping (AD)-6,000

Nail Art - 15,000

Beautician -45,000

Hair tech - 45,000

Matured Makeup - 6,000

Exciting offer -1,80,000



Coordinating salon services

Removing chemicals from the hair

Appointments and client schedules

Selling products and services

Diagnoses or client’s hair and scalp conditions

Treating hair and scalp

Cutting hair

Dressing and styling hair

Permanent wave and chemical services

Hair Coloring

Salon team coordination

Maintaining a clean and efficient work place

Communication in the workplace

Client reception and consultation

15Crash Course(AMU)

Course Duration: 15 Days

16Crash Course(AMU+AB)

Course Duration: 15 Days